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Welcome to Whole Life Quotes. If you are looking for the best whole life insurance plan, you have come to the right place. Whole Life Quotes has access to 25 of the nations best whole life insurance companies. We help Seniors nationwide in protecting what they value the most – their FAMILY. Read below on what whole life insurance is, how whole life plans work and why whole life insurance is simple to apply for.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that is designed to give you life long protection. As long as you continue to make your premium payments, your policy will last your whole life and will pay out a death benefit at the time of your passing. Once you are approved for a whole life insurance policy, your policy CAN’T be cancelled due to your health or age. Plus, your monthly premium payments will NEVER increase. This makes a whole life insurance policy easy to budget for since your payments stay the same for life. Whole life insurance policies also have a built in savings account called cash value. Whole life insurance cash value accounts build up over time, allowing you to borrow against them in the event of an emergency. The best whole life insurance definition is a life insurance policy that covers you for your WHOLE LIFE. More important way to define whole life insurance is the peace of mind that your family will have when you pass.

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How does Whole Life Insurance work?

Whole life insurance is very simple in nature. It really is just SIMPLE! You purchase the amount you need and the death benefit is paid to your beneficiary at the time of your passing. Most whole life insurance companies offer face amounts ranging from $5,000 up to $100,000. Age limits can vary depending on the insurance company but coverage can be available for ages between 0-89 years old. Most whole life insurance policies are referred to as simplified issue plans. Simplified issue whole life insurance simply means that the application process is simplified compared to other traditional life insurance policies like term insurance. Simplified issue plans don’t require a medical exam EVER and the approval process can be INSTANT or within 24 hours.

Guaranteed issue whole life insurance is another popular type of whole life insurance for seniors. Guaranteed issue life insurance plans don’t ask ANY health questions and your acceptance is GUARANTEED. Whole Life Quotes offers both simplified and guaranteed issue life plans. Contact us at 800-517-0810 and one of our licensed field underwriters can answer any questions you may have about which plan might be best for you.

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